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Dream - I Dare You


Julia Gentry

Dream - I Dare You
“Live Unapologetic About the Things that Are Important to You!”
"Dream - I Dare You" - “Live Unapologetic About the Things that Are Important to You!”

Life as we know it will never be the same.  Most are confused.  A lot are concerned.  Some are flat out over it.  But WHAT IF this is the greatest wake up call of all time?

The key to getting our lives back on track to their truest, most awake and alive state is to simply get each and everyone of us dreaming again, to get you dreaming again.  

The answer to most of the problems we're facing today will actually find their solutions on the inside of us, those deep, yet to be fulfilled dreams if what's on the inside of us comes out.  

In this presentation with Julia, you can expect: 

1.  A dose of clarity in the midst of so much confusion.  

2.  A stronger conviction for your life and your career. 

3.  And above all, the chance to dream again, because if "life gets in the way of dreaming, what's the point of life?! 

Speaker Bio

Julia Gentry - Keynote speaker on living with purpose, heart and conviction.


Whether it's traveling the country in an RV, raising a family of four young children, building businesses or growth coaching, Julia has dedicated her life to wake up dreamers everywhere and she’s inviting people into an opportunity to change the conversation to one that REALLY matters.

As an author, speaker, growth coach and business owner, Julia Gentry is a champion and voice for the next generation of people who want to live unapologetically, authentically according to the dreams they have within them. She is a true advocate for people and believes that every single person has a true purpose for their lives, making it her life’s calling to help people get their life back so they can live with more success and fulfillment. With her truth speaking, matter of fact, crazy practical approach, she just has an uncanny, one of a kind way of moving people forward. She claims her failures are just as epic (if not more so) as her successes and without shame shares it all.

She and her husband started The Dream Factory to give people the tools and resources to get unstuck and clear on what they want most in life, reprogramming their thoughts and beliefs, so they can live out the dream they have within them with a community that supports and challenges them.  Together, they develop dreamers!

Julia believes that the biggest adventure you can take in this life is to live the life of your dreams… and not only is she inviting you to witness the perfectly imperfect unfolding of her dream life, but she’s challenge you to do the same and to take her dare:


Dream. I dare you.

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Abbey Harrison
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Start Date 08/13/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 08/13/2020 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Mountain
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Online Event - Zoom
United States
Chapter Denver, CO

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