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Tricia Murray

An Evolution of Business
Create More | Experience More
Facilitator, Consultant, Rabble Rouser

In 2007, I was doing far more than I could sustain. I was grinding-it-out-day-after-day and the kicker was, doing more wasn’t actually producing any more. I knew that there had to 'be more' and unwittingly took myself on a 10-year journey in pursuit of it. Join me for four things I uncovered on my own Eat Pray Love journey that enable me to create exponentially more of a Life 360º.

I reframe 'more' through four movies that showed me:

• More than The Matrix of competition, conflict and scarcity;

• More through the mashup and magic of Moneyball;

• More of the missing element through The Fifth Element; and

• More of the infinite game as an infinite player; in Ready, Player One 

Speaker Bio

Tricia Murray began to see the one-dimensional world she had created in 2007; everything had become ‘work’ & she had become one of the work-weary. It took her another decade to learn that the only way the weary truly find rest is through a creating more coherently, in every aspect of our life. Today, she unites a diverse collaboration of practitioners and sherpas who support the creation of more than a life of work to sustain more across a life 360.

Facilitated By

Yvonne Basten
Executive Managing Director


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Start Date 02/20/2020 05:30 PM
End Date 02/20/2020 08:30 PM
Informal Networking 5:00 PM
Location The Winston Golf Club
2502 - 6 St NE
Calgary AB T2E 3Z3
Chapter Calgary, AB
2502 - 6 St NE
    Calgary AB T2E 3Z3

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