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Courage 2 Confidence


Carole Stizza

CEO Relevant Insight Coaching
ICF Business Life and Leadership Coach
International Speaker

Confidence can be an elusive mistress unless you know exactly how to build it, why to choose to build it, and how to keep it strong.  Knowing how to do it not only helps you and your business, it makes you a kick-ass parent and mentor to others.

Anytime you introduce change, however, it takes courage. Change is often feared because it may call you to address everything you've been hiding - now is the time to stop that game.  There is a way to change without bringing your baggage with you.

Learn how to build your courage and build your confidence at the same time and have a few laughs along the way.  Laughter will lighten your heart and open your mind to learn so that you can take action today.  

Recognize where the confidence gap exists in your own life
Know the first 3 steps to take to build it

Understand where your courage will need to show up

Speaker Bio

Carole Stizza is an ICF certified Business Life and Leadership Coach, a Sr. Certified H.R. Professional, a Strength Strategy Specialist, and has a Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree.  She not only coaches to craft interview answers (that the interviewer really wants to hear), she also coaches the hard-working, kick-ass parents on the way to Executive roles. Her insights offer how to value and optimize your individually unique strengths to lead teams, elevate your work-life success, and see how those same successes transfer into home life.  If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, laughter, and results – Carole offers tips you can walk out and use today.

Facilitated By

JeriLyn Hatch
Managing Director


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Start Date 06/10/2020 11:30 AM
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United States
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