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Susan K Younger

Certified BANKCODE Trainer
Leadership / Communications / Team Building
Author of the book "Simple Living Simple Food Life Lessons Learned Dining with Family & Friends"

Every day we communicate with others.  Are you sending the right message or are you miss communicating what you want others to hear from you, learn from you, or buy from you? Are there people you never even try to reach because you have given up on understanding why they don't get you? Have you noticed people aren't listening when you talk to them? Do relationships seemed strained and you really don't know why they are not hearing what you are telling them?
Understanding how you communicate with others and why they may not receive the message you intended can change how you deliver your message in many ways.  Learn tools and skill you can develop easily to level up your success in business and in life.

Three ways we communicate.

Skills to develop
    Concise Clarity 
    Empathy / Respect
    Picking the Right Medium

Why one way to present your message is never enough.

Speaker Bio

Susan K Younger has a background in architecture, retail management, as a massage therapist & solopreneur. She led teams building & renovating department stores including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and as a consultant to Sephora, CallisonRTKL, GENPACT, & more. Her skills to deal with the diversity of people have given her a depth of experience few business leaders acquire.

Susan uses the word simple to define how she works and lives life. Working with the B.A.N.K.™ personality profiling methodology she has combined her diverse background with this a simple tool to helps give businesses the missing link to problems she had seen in sales conversations and communication between individuals in life and in business.

Facilitated By

Gens Johnson
Executive Managing Director

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Start Date 01/10/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 01/10/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Coyote Ridge Golf Club
1640 Hebron Parkway
Carrollton TX 75010
United States
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