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Chatbots, Chocolates and Other Marketing Essentials for 2019


Teresa Robinson

Chatbots, Chocolates and Other Marketing Essentials
Bot-A-Bing, Bot-A-Boom How To Use Chatbots For Business
Chatbots for Engagement and Follow Up

It's ok to party like it's 1999 but it's not ok to market like it's 1999! The marketing game has changed tremendously. Consumer expectations are vastly different than they were 20 years ago so if you're still depending on basic email marketing as your primary method of communicating with your customers, or worse yet - newsletters, you're probably not having much success. Rather than spending money on making a sale, I suggest spending money on building your database - your community - your list, and learning to segment them. If you have a good database, you'll always have people to sell to. But! You need to deliver the content they're looking for and you need to deliver it quickly. This is where "Chatbots" and "Chocolates" come into play. 

You need effective plans for:

  • Acquiring customers

  • Segmenting customers

  • Nurturing customers


Speaker Bio

Teresa Robinson is the founding owner of TR Marketing, a boutique marketing agency. Her specialty is helping businesses grow their database of customers - the equivalent of creating your own radio station!  She does this through a technology stack of tools, one of which is Chatbots. Teresa is one of the few chatbot builders in the area and is a Certified Manychat Agency Partner. Teresa teaches out of her passion for helping business owners spend money in the right place. She has a passion for educating and teaching what is current, trending, and most importantly, what's working! Teresa regularly teaches seminars in the Raleigh area. 



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