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Carolyn Rose Hart

Professional Speaker on Being Unstoppable
Transformation and Change Speaker/Coach
ICF PCC / Coach with Professional Accreditation

As human beings, you are frequently caught up as human doings without awareness of what occurs when you go for your professional vision. Powerful meeting professionals know that self-limiting conversations are a normal human experience and are kicked in by our brains Negativity Bias. As you gain tools to help shift your paradigms, you experience ease and grace. Change occurs through awareness of the energies. As a result, your client experiences a reduction of overwhelm, ease of decision making and clarity of what is important to them. The audience has an extraordinary live event. This session will introduce a proven success system and tools for shifting the conversations that creates the "stuck" experience and holds you in discontentment.  

Carolyn’s trainings and workshops help people breakthrough limitations and achieve greater results. She walks people through a proven process using neuroscience success strategies. There is no age limit when it comes to waking up each morning ignited by the prospect of sharing your gifts. Are you ready?

Speaker Bio

For over 20 years, Carolyn Rose Hart, M.Ed., PCC has been studying transformational success principles. Carolyn is the founder and primary consultant for Step Up Step Out, a speaking, training and coaching organization which helps people who are experiencing 'stuck' move to clarity, flow and making a difference.  

She has been a credentialed ICF coach for over 8 years and uses a proven system in her speaking, training and coaching which is done 1-1 and in groups .  A professional member of the National Speaker Association CO, she also serves on their board of directors. Carolyn is the author of the award winning book, Step Up Step Out, Share Your Gifts and Be an Agent for Change. 

An International Speaker and eWomen Platinum who rocks. 

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Theresa White
Managing Director


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Start Date 01/21/2021 11:00 AM
End Date 01/21/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Eastern
Online Event - Zoom
Chapter Northern Virginia, VA

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