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BRAVE: How the Empowered Feminine Does Business


Cathy Wilke

BRAVE: How The Empowered Feminine Does Business
Selling From the Feminine: Secrets to Generating a Fabulous Income without Pushing or Burning Out.
No Competition: How To Get Your Business To Stand Out In The Crowd

As women we often think there are only two choices for how to operate in business:

Be aggressive, go after what you want and make it happen (in other words be totally in the masculine energy)


Align your thoughts and do affirmations until the cows come home and try to manifest what you want.

I’ve found neither of these to be effective. But the good news is that there's a third way. It’s the way of the Empowered Feminine. What if you were able to find the place where promoting yourself and your services felt just as good as doing your work? What if you were able to offer the things that lit you up and you could make great money from them?

Key takeaways will include:

What does it mean to run a business from the feminine?

How do you use your intuition as a tool for guidance in making business decisions?

How do you find the balance between the feminine qualities of receptivity, connection, and nurturing and the masculine qualities of strategy and taking action to build a successful business without getting overwhelmed or burning out?

What does it look like to have your magnet "on" so that clients and opportunities flow to you instead of having to chase them!    

Speaker Bio

Cathy Wilke is the owner of Freedom and Fulfillment—a branding and marketing company that specializes in helping women who are making the world a better place with their business to channel their genius into marketing that not only makes their business stand out but is also communicates the power of their work. Cathy teaches women how to operate from the empowered feminine so their business is successful and also nourishes and supports their well being. Her passion is helping women re-frame selling their services so that it feels like a natural extension of their work. She helps her clients bring all of who they are into their business and their marketing so that their business is in alignment with their values and their mission.

She has been a presenter for the following organizations: Westchester Holistic Network; Professional Women of Westchester; Professional Women of Putnam; W.I.N.G of New York and Women Helping Women; She has taught marketing courses for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center. She also presents full and 1/2 day workshops and seminars, retreats, trainings and webinars.

Cathy’s background as a performer makes her presentations engaging and entertaining. Prior to starting Freedom and Fulfillment, she toured New York with her one-woman play:  Thin Body, Fat Mind: One Woman’s Lifelong Struggle With Dieting, Bingeing, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Fit. Thin Body, Fat Mind toured high schools and Universities in New York and Connecticut. It was featured at the Uniquely Me Ambassador Summit at both the Westchester-Putnam and Long Island Councils of the Girl Scouts Council in November 2006. In 2007, Thin Body, Fat Mind was presented for Women Empowered; a professional women’s organization at Keyspan Energy in New York City.

Facilitated By

Kara Roberts
Managing Director

(707) 267-5377

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Start Date 06/19/2019 11:30 AM
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