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BIG Goals for 2020? Time to Lean In to Fear.


Wendy Perrotti

Communications and Leadership Trainer

It's January again.

You've reflected on 2019 and you've made some amazing strides, you're a rock-star after all, right?

You've got your goals set for 2020 and they're big, really BIG. Because 2020 is your year - the year you break out - the year you really do it.

Here's the reality.  

If you want this year to be that BIG year... 

If you want 2020 to be THE year...

You'll have to do things you've never done before.

You'll have to live as the NEXT version of you.

You'll have to grab a hold of fear and make her your new best friend.


It's not as hard as you think.

Join me in January and I'll show you how.'s already yours.  Let's go.

  • A quick and easy way to befriend your biggest fears.

  • How to know exactly what do when you're stepping into unknown territory.

  • The secret to making your biggest challenges feel easy.

Speaker Bio

Wendy Perrotti is a Professional Certified Coach, speaker and trainer with over 25 years experience in helping individuals and groups nationwide to affect change in themselves and others.

She is the Founder of LIVE BIG, a professional coaching company helping women transform their careers, relationships and lives, Co-Founder of The Energy Initiative, a neuroscience based leadership development and executive coaching firm, and Co-Founder of Camp Reinvention, a six month transformational intensive program that begins by sending women back to camp.
Her podcast, A Glimpse Inside: Moving People from Stuck to Happy, launched in 2019. She is author of the forthcoming book, Reclaiming Muchness: Tap Into a Life of Love, Purpose and Connection.


Facilitated By

Aina Hoskins
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 01/22/2020 06:30 PM
End Date 01/22/2020 08:30 PM
Informal Networking 6:00pm
Location Town & County Club
22 Woodland Street
Hartford CT 06105
United States
Chapter Greater Hartford , CT
22 Woodland Street
    Hartford CT 06105
    United States

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