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Beating Burnout with Caffeine Science


Danielle Rath

Caffeine Scientist, Author, Speaker
Leading expert in the science behind caffeine and energy drinks
Founder of GEG Research and Consulting

Nearly 70% of adult Americans report struggling with burnout. This burnout leads to billions of dollars in employee turnover, accidents, and illness. Burnout is a major problem, and yet, in trying to solve this problem, we rarely focus on the number one coping mechanism for stress and sleep deprivation: caffeine. Caffeine can improve mood and focus, but it can also make stress and sleep deprivation worse. The solution isn't quitting caffeine, it's knowing how to drink caffeine strategically. And what to do when caffeine cannot cure the emotional exhaustion that comes with burnout. In this workshop, Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide reviews a comprehensive system for reducing stress, burnout, and the unwanted side effects of caffeine.

Speaker Bio

Danielle Robertson Rath, better known as “GreenEyedGuide”, serves the sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. After earning degrees in biochemistry and food science, she worked in the food/beverage and supplement industries for over a decade. As the founder of GEG Research and Consulting, she is the author of two books and the leading expert in the science behind energy drinks. GreenEyedGuide has helped shift workers, nurses, college students, and small business owners beat burnout with Caffeine Science. GreenEyedGuide has helped hundreds of shift workers, nurses, college students, and small business owners beat burnout with caffeine science.

Facilitated By

Lori Wood
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 07/15/2021 02:00 PM
End Date 07/15/2021 04:00 PM
Timezone US/Central
Informal Networking 1:30 pm
Corners of Brookfield
240 Market Street  
Brookfield WI 53045
United States
Chapter Milwaukee, WI

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