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Michelle Mras

International Speaker
Speaker Trainer/Coach

Do you know captivating, magnetic and personable people? Turn on your magnetism. Human communication occurs first through Body language, next Vocal tone and finally the words you say. We make subconscious decisions within 3 seconds of seeing another individual. It is a instinctual response from the reptilian part of our brain - is this person safe or dangerous? Stay or run? In this fun and interactive talk members of the audience will have a chance to practice their newly acquired skills and immediately apply it to their daily lives.

Walking into a boardroom, party, stage, first date... where ever you go - own the room!  Do you know captivating, magnetic and personable people? Learn the secret to quickly turn up your magnetism.

Speaker Bio

Michelle is a retired military wife, mother, powerful survivor and award winning international coach who elicits a positivity that engulfs her audience in her presence. 

Michelle’s infectious presentations inspire her clients to rise above any negative self-talk and reclaim their inner strength to achieve life-altering transformation. She is committed to helping others realize a more balanced life that frees them to build healthy beliefs. Michelle co-leads a 2-day live event Breakthrough Speaking Mastery Bootcamp to train entrepreneurs to master their messaging to connect, compel and draw clients to their product or service.

She is an International TEDx Speaker, Speaker Coach, Trainer and is the host of the Podcast, MentalShift - Reach your full potential.

Michelle is the Author of two published books: Eat, Drink and Be Mary-A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived and It’s Not Luck: Overcoming You. 

She was awarded top coach out of 8 thousand coaches world-wide for the John Maxwell Culture Award for Demonstrating a Positive Attitude and traveled to New Delhi, India to receive the Women’s Economic Forum’s Women of Excellence Award for Inspiration.

Facilitated By

JeriLyn Hatch
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 07/08/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 07/08/2020 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Cottonwood Country Club
1780 East Lakewood Drive 
Holladay UT 84117
United States
Chapter Salt Lake City, UT
1780 East Lakewood Drive
    Holladay UT 84117
    United States

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