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Aligning Personal and Professional Goals


Laura Mael

Chief People Officer
Pareto's Talent, a division of Lift Consulting, LLC

Goals apply to all aspects of our lives. Most of us have professional goals – a sales quota, a monetary income achievement, a promotion – but we don’t have personal goals to help us define success and happiness once we reach those financial goals. If we don’t have balanced goals, you sacrifice your health or personal relationships in exchange for financial success. On the other hand, if we are happy, healthy and feeling well, we tend to have an easier time achieving other goals as well.


There are 8 basic areas or aspects in your life. During this session, we will explore these basic 8 goal types using the “Goals Wheel” with each spoke representing a different goal:

·       Family

·       Mental

·       Social

·       Professional

·       Work

·       Financial

·       Personal

·       Financial

You will be challenged to ask yourself these questions about each spoke:

·       What’s working?

·       What’s Not?

·       What will you change?

·       How?

Participants will receive a copy of the goals wheel and a worksheet for addressing the challenge questions.



Speaker Bio

Before joining Pareto’s Talent and Lift Consulting, she founded her own career strategy company, Career Solutions, by laura, assisting individuals in crafting their professional career stories and developing career packages to present to potential employers. Partnering with Lift Consulting has allowed her to expand services beyond individuals and serve as a talent bridge to employers.

Laura has worked with individuals and employers around the country. Her background spans 30 years and multiple industries, including banking, insurance, consumer advocacy, non-profit, marketing/PR, and business strategy.

When not working with clients, Laura enjoys time in the outdoors hiking, biking, and just about any water sport.

Facilitated By


Terri Yanke
Managing Director


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Start Date 11/18/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 11/18/2020 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Central
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
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Chapter Madison, WI

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