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"After the Event / Conference...Now What? How to Integrate Your New Ideas With the Realities of 'Back Home' After an Event"


Sylvia Henderson

Idea Implementation Expert
Strategy | Implementation | Accountability

Integrate those great ideas you get at conferences and events, with life ‘back home’, for maximum return on your meetings & travel investment. (A before, during, and after-event program package.) Sylvia works with you/your organization before an event to set intentions for full participation, provides tools and a short speaking program for every day of your event to gather the days' top points for attendees, and conducts an after-event session for integrating the event's take-aways into the realities of the professional, business, and home life to which you/your people quickly return.

Integrating a program, and tools, into an event provides a consistent and flexible resource for attendees. The IMPACT(c) process for capturing, clarifying, strategizing, and implementing ideas works for events, too. An integrated process of before-during-after an event works best for maximum ROI.

Speaker Bio

From ideas - to implementation - to income. I help you figure things out and get things done! You have ideas. Yet without focus, strategies, tools, action & accountability, they mean very little. While you serve others, what about a partner who serves you? I bring my corporate management & board leadership experience to entrepreneurs to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Even if you’re in a coaching program, or are an experienced business person, it helps to get out of your own head to get perspectives and accountability with an implementation expert.

I wrote the book on systematically implementing ideas: “Hey, That’s MY Idea!” As host of the IdeaSuccess.TV webcast & a cable TV show, and Founder of the Idea Success Network of programs & resources, my passion is applying a science to transforming ideas to action and sharing stories of people who implement ideas.

To give balance to my life I ride motorcycles & rollercoasters, volunteer as a Girl Scout Trainer, watch Star Trek™ everything, and cherish 32+ years with my life partner in the DC area.

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Start Date 09/17/2020 11:00 AM
End Date 09/17/2020 01:00 PM
Informal Networking 10:00 AM
5333 Wisconsin Avenue NW 
Washington DC 20015
United States
Chapter Washington DC, 102
5333 Wisconsin Avenue NW
    Washington DC 20015
    United States

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