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Spark Your Creativity & Captivate With Your Content


Alex Cappe

Jumpstart Your Creativity in 20 Minutes or Less
The Missing Tool to Being the Best You
Spark Your Creativity & Captivate With Your Content

Are you missing leads from social media or your website because your content isn’t as engaging as you are?

Would you like to be taking action on creating more content and actually enjoying the process?

Are you ready to have a more authentic version of you come through in your content so you attract the people you most want to serve?

In this talk, Alex Cappe provides insights, inspiration and tips for tapping into your creativity, removing blocks and allowing your unique genius to shine through. When you do this, you'll bring in more of the right leads, have fun with your marketing and produce the impact you're here to make. We need your voice, now more than ever!

  • Why creativity is essential for the success of your business

  • Tapping into your authentic voice: Vulnerability with purpose

  • Mindset shifts to overcome resistance to content creation and get your message out to the world

Speaker Bio

Alex Cappe is a creative artist, entrepreneur and coach. After moving to LA from the midwest, she started her career in the music business. Through a combination of talent and social media expertise, she amassed over 50,000 social media followers, 250,000 song plays and over 1 million YouTube views.  
After suffering some setbacks, she was forced to confront some painful episodes from her past. In healing from these, she realized that continued self-expression was part of her mission, but perhaps more importantly, was helping other women (re)connect with their creativity to enhance all parts of their lives and live in a more empowered and fulfilled way.
She is the Founder of Creative Self Revolution, where she provides coaching, workshops and inspirational talks that often involve music. Some of her programs are oriented around personal development. Others serve female entrepreneurs as a guide and personalized creative director to help them create content that allows them to shine and attract their ideal audiences.

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Lindsay Sullivan
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 09/16/2021 06:30 PM
End Date 09/16/2021 08:30 PM
Timezone Canada/Mountain
Informal Networking 6:00 pm MDT
Online Zoom
Chapter Calgary, AB

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