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Linda Schwader

Live Your Legacy coach
VISIONEERING/Vision Board coach
Story-telling trainer

Transform Your Marketing Through Better Story-telling

We all remember and connect with a well-told story.

People buy on emotion and stories are the best way to convey emotion.

We have heard that facts tell and stories sell, however many business owners do not know how to tell a compelling story.

In this session you will learn why powerful stories will easily get your message across to your prospects and customers. 

In addition to knowing why, you will discover how 3 simple ideas will add power, punch and pizazz to the stories you tell. 

Knowing how and when to share your stories will convert more prospects to clients because you made your copy, marketing and sales conversations more fun and interesting.

Speaker Bio

Linda Schwader is an international speaker, author, and coach whose genius is helping successful women discover why their life matters and to do what they love and are uniquely wired to do.

Linda is the host of the powerful Accelerated Business Results event, founder of the inspiring Live Your Legacy program, and creator of the Get-Out-of- Your-Comfort-Zone VISIONEERING course, a step-by-step, done-with-you program that leads clients and students to design their dream life.

When Linda is not speaking or serving her clients, you will find her traveling the world (when it opens up again) or spending time with her three children and four grandchildren.

Facilitated By

Suzanne Johns
Managing Director

972 639-6396

Event Information

Start Date 07/15/2021 11:30 AM
End Date 07/15/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Central
5908 Headquarters Dr  
Plano TX 75024
United States
Chapter North Dallas/Plano, TX

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