90 Days to Results: The Simple System to Amplify Your Quarter


Jayme Durkee

Time Management Coach
Productivity Consultant

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish someone would just tell me what to do next”? You're a smart and capable woman.  You know you could amplify your success if you could just stay focused. If you could avoid distractions, you would get more done in less time. You know you need a plan, but you’re just not sure which idea will move the needle in your business. It's time for a 90 Day Plan!  I'll show you how to identify your best path to success and create a plan for the quarter that you actually want to stick with. You'll learn how to decide which projects deserve your attention and innovative ways to plan and execute on all the tasks without getting distracted. If you're ready to achieve more this quarter, let's get started! 

Speaker Bio

Jayme is a success and leadership coach who helps her clients take control of their calendars, set boundaries, and prioritize like a pro. From CEOs to stay-at-home-moms, she shows women how they can feel in control of their time and energy by incorporating simple processes and systems in their lives and businesses.

Jayme spent over a decade helping leaders in some of the world's most renowned healthcare and insurance companies identify where they were wasting time in their day and in their businesses and leading change management efforts to reclaim that time for higher ROI, better client experiences, and more engaged employees. Now, she helps the women who run the world save time so they can do more of the what they love. 

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Florence Haley
Managing Director


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