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5 Secrets Of Successful Women Who Get More Done By Working Less


Diane Halfman

Reclaim Your Power: The 5 Secrets Of Successful Women Who Get More Done By Working Less
The Three Steps To Creating a Workspace That Makes You More Productive & Profitable
R.E.S.E.T. Your Reality Workshop

Diane's talk will help you if you:

  • Have become so successful that you have so much to do you can't see straight,

  • Feel conflicted between your love for work and your love for your family.

  • Regularly bump your self-care for other people's priorities and things that seem more urgent.

  • Are exhausted even on the days you're not technically working.

  • Are looking for a way to fulfill your commitments and still have time for what deeply matters to you.

From this talk, you will:

  • Be able to implement the 5 Secrets to grow your business more efficiently and with ease, so you can spend the time with the people you really care about.

  • Know the simple system to put yourself first without feeling guilty.

  • Know how to reclaim your power so you feel more energized.

Speaker Bio

Diane understands fear and survival instincts—she lived them, and knows what it takes to find your grit, perseverance and power to push through any challenge. After being medically released from the police department as a result of a training accident, Diane took her years of experience along with her Masters in Human Resources Management and Certification as an Ultimate Game of Life Coach to pioneer the creation of her own company called SpaLife. SPA is an acronym for Seek Power Always. Her podcast, “Live Your SpaLife” is a call to action for all women to define and create the life they truly want.

As the Reality RESET Specialist Diane Halfman travels the country speaking, consulting, conducting workshops and seminars dedicated to helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs move from a life of emergency to emergenc.

Facilitated By

Erin Acton
Managing Director

(250) 813-1761

Event Information

Start Date 02/12/2019 06:00 PM
End Date 02/12/2019 08:00 PM
Informal Networking 4:30
Location Uplands Golf Course
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
Victoria BC
Chapter Victoria BC,BC
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
    Victoria BC

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