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Rosie Aiello

Women's Transformational Leader
Women's Empowerment Leader
Creating Women Leaders (Beyond Abuse, Power & Contol)

Most women not only have difficulty articulating what they want, but then they are afraid to ask for it.  They stay stuck, frustrated and discouraged.  The result? They lose out on creating a successful/impactful  business and joyful life that they deserve.

·        Move from the What to the Why .

·       Discover how to go from fear to being emboldened. 

·        The key of the smaller  “ask.” 

·        Bonus #1: How to instantly get into a confident state

·        Bonus #2: Discover Your #1 Ask

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Speaker Bio

Trapped in an emotionally, verbally and financially abusive relationship for nearly 25 years, Rosie engineered an international escape from the Middle East to save her daughter and herself from domestic violence. Nearly mentally destroyed and stunned by PTSD, within a few short years after arriving back to her home state of California, she became a speaker, best-selling author and an international award-winning entrepreneur.

Rosie now empowers women to find their voice, worth and confidence so they can create the joyful, productive and prosperous life that they deserve.

She is on a global mission to help save 1 million + women and their children from this insidious abuse.

Coming : Mother /Daughter Memoir: 11 Hours to Freedom

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Jessica Joy Reveles
Managing Director


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