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3 Keys to Creating a RockStar Brand


Amber Griffiths

Branding RockStar
Graphic Designer

Increase your profits, work with people who excite you, and enjoy the genuine thrill of getting paid to do what you love to do! Develop your own RockStar Brand. Your brand should be clear and cohesive so that it will convert potential customers into Ideal Clients.

Claim your Voice, Connect with your Fans and Craft your Message!

Key takeaways will include:

  · Claim who you are in business NOW - not what you started to be and not what other people think you should be.  Own your unique story & voice! 

   · Clearly identify your Ideal Client - discover who they are, where they are, and how to inspire and engage them with your message

  · Craft your message!  It should reflect you and engage your Ideal Client.  

  Bonus! Create the one-stop resource for everything about your business - your Brand Soundtrack™. Keep it clear and cohesive!


Speaker Bio

Amber Griffiths brings new life to the world of branding. Her fun, easy to understand delivery takes audiences on a RockStar adventure to Find their Voice, Find their Fans, and Get some Pips. She skillfully educates audiences on what a brand is, and isn’t, in a way that creates clarity for a business of any size and budget. Amber offers Pips Reviews and Open Audition conversations, further exploring the potential for developing products and services to enhance the experience an Ideal Client will have with your business.

From start to finish, Amber will help you create your RockStar Brand that is clear, cohesive, and most importantly, will convert potential customers into Ideal Clients. With experience n branding and marketing since 1998, Amber has worked with entrepreneurs and business owners from across the country to develop their RockStar Brands that genuinely reflect who they are. No matter what business you are in, and no matter how long you have been in business, if your brand isn’t as profitable as you want it to be, chances are that the breakdown starts with a lack of a clear plan of action, being less than authentic, or a combination of both. Part of her branding process includes finding your voice - your REAL voice - and being absolutely authentic in your branding efforts, in a way that builds and supports your relationship with your Ideal Client.

Facilitated By

Ellie Rome-Reed
Managing Director

(571) 358-4358

Event Information

Start Date 04/24/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 04/24/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00am
Location Chantilly National Golf & Country Club
14901 Braddock Rd
Centreville VA 20120
Chapter Northern Virginia,VA
14901 Braddock Rd
    Centreville VA 20120

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