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Lia Pinelli

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Coaching Philosophy

I’m on a mission to free up the mental real estate of women who aspire to have a greater impact in this world but are distracted and worried about food and weight. 

Female entrepreneurs over 40 hire Lia to transform their bodies, businesses, and lives through the power of self-perception and Universal Law. 

Who Can Benefit Most

Women come to me when they want to play bigger and make a more profound impact but they feel held back by their relationship with food and weight. 

I am the coach for you if you...

  • Know you could make a bigger impact in your business & life if you didn't struggle so much with food & weight
  • Feel uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Are constantly thinking (obsessing) about food and/or weight
  • Don’t want to diet anymore but you still want to lose unwanted weight
  • Want to be at peace with food
  • Want to stop overeating
  • Are an emotional eater
  • Constantly self-sabotage
  • Lose motivation; are inconsistent
  • Want a new lifestyle, not a diet
  • Struggle with wanting to lose weight but also wanting to be a body-positivity supporter
  • Want to be an authentically healthy role model for the next generation of girls


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