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Using the 8 Languages of Money to Speak Your Value

Published Date: Oct 21, 2015 | Blog Category: Success Institute
Phyllis Smith

Women, historically, have not been given permission to speak confidently or competently around and about money. That's all about to change in this lively and engaging presentation! Creative Business Strategist, Liz Dederer will share with you powerful strategies to heal your relationship with money so you can earn more in less time! By teaching you how to Speak Your Value using The 8 Languages of Money™, you will melt away ANY resistance, internal conflict, confusion, doubts or fears preventing you from surging ahead financially!

What You Will Learn

  • Reveal your hidden financial strengths (we all have them)!
  • Learn the #1 mistake women make when engaging in conversations around and about money
  • Solve the riddle of the pattern that is holding you back with effectively managing your time, money, energy and relationships.
  • Discover 3 powerful strategies to putting money in your pocket FAST!

About Liz Dederer

A firm believer that business doesn’t have to feel so hard, Creative Business Strategist, Liz Dederer helps women in business get what they want quickly by speaking The 8 Languages of Money™. Before starting her own company in 2011, Liz created training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers and developed growth strategies for start up, turnaround, high growth and venture capital backed companies. Liz's most memorable corporate experience is turning around an underperforming sales team from under 300K to $1.2 million in 6 months. She now works with clients who have generated quick boosts of cash upwards of $37,000 in 2 weeks, ended the year 50% over plan and who have reported annual increases over $500K! Liz has been featured on the international Women and Money Summit, a conference for women in business for her work with The 8 Languages of Money™ helping clients achieve these results and create businesses that run on their own! Liz is also the author of Speak Your Value, which provides you with 15 powerful sales scripts and strategies to earn more in less time so you can do what you love!



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