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5 Steps to Instant Online Impact

Published Date: Sep 10, 2014 | Blog Category: Success Institute
Phyllis Smith

You have 3 seconds to make an impression and if you don't look as good online as you do off - you are losing money, customers and wasting the most valuable marketing resource you have. To be successful online you need to be able to navigate the Internet through  wrong data, confusing steps, and hype that mislead what you should be doing for your business to attract more leads, get more clients and make more sales. Social Media has transformed the landscape, SEO is even more vital, and brand management is at a premium. Discover how all of these work together to give you the cohesive strategy you need to make an Instant Online Impact.

What You Will Learn

  • What is the first critical step that most companies do not do
  • The missing piece to being heard above the noise
  • What websites you need to dominate the internet
  • Why social media can't be skipped and where you should be
  • How to put it all together for a consistent, powerful marketing statement

About Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk, an International Bestselling Author and Online Branding and Social Media Strategist and speaker, will show you how to attract your ideal client, catapult your sales and reach millions with your message. As an award-winning entrepreneur since the age of 19, she has helped thousands of clients and can take your business to the next level by creating a fully branded end to end online presence in under 60 days. Tracy is a featured technology expert on TV and media such as NBC, Fox, CBS, CTV, City TV, CBC, CW, ABC, and many others and has spoken in over 35 countries on her topics. 



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